As you are already aware, we are well along in our fundraising efforts and are working on the scheduling of the work to be done on the church and the Parish House. As the fundraising process is still ongoing, we are in the process of determining exactly what we will be able to afford as part of the Master Plan and then deciding what we can do and in what order they will be done. So that we can keep you up to date, we are working with expectations for things that will be accomplished during this calendar year (2017) and beyond.

As part of things that will be underway in 2017, the sealing of the building to make it waterproof (the walls and the roof) along with upgrading of the mechanical/electrical systems in the church (heating and air conditioning, etc.) will be undertaken. The organ contract has now been signed with Foley-Baker, Inc., who will do the renovation of the organ, which will likely be removed in January of 2018 and returned in December of that year. The work to renovate the church will be undertaken while the organ is out for repair. This renovation will involve the floors, lighting modifications, and the cleaning of the stone. The stone cleaners will be testing different techniques to see which will be the most effective, and this will be accomplished by Spring of 2017. This is a vital time for the health and well-being of our historic and vital parish, and we are all excited about the improvements in our footprint that will be accomplished. It is our intent to keep you informed on a regular basis as we move forward.

John Ford, Steering Committee

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