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We were thrilled to be able to host Fr. Noah, Melinda, and their sons, Vincent and Arthur, for a brief visit in mid-March. This was the boys’ first trip to Norfolk, and they had some wonderful experiences here! The whole family was able to ride the Elizabeth River Ferry, get up close to a tiger at the zoo, experience the glass blowing presentation at the Chrysler Museum, and enjoy a break at Cure Coffeehouse, just to name a few things.

This was an important trip for the family and a great opportunity to see some of the excitement our area has to offer. Building these positive memories now will make for an easier transition for Vincent and Arthur especially at the end of the school year.

Fr. Noah will be here starting Holy Week, and Melinda and the boys will be here after the school year is complete so that their sons don’t have to be uprooted so close to the end of the term.

Please continue to pray for their family. Transitions can be both exciting and challenging all at once.

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