Work will begin on the first phase of the Restoration, Rehabilitation and Renovation of the Church Buildings and Grounds involving the water intrusion repairs of the Church Building. E. T. Gresham Construction has been contracted to begin this work officially on October 16.

This work involves repairs to the roof, gutters, mortar joints and stonework around the church buildings. The repairs will require scaffolding and other means of access around the church to allow workers to get access to the damaged areas. The work will continue through 2018.

The cracks in the mortar and stonework are allowing water to enter the church and damage the walls, woodwork and windows. Without these repairs, the damage to our building will continue, and the problems will get much worse over time. As the mortar joints deteriorate and the cracks widen, more water will seep into the church building, which will cause additional buckling of the plaster, staining to the stonework, damage to the windows, and further warping and softening of the wooden flooring and pews.

The process involved is vital for the present and future use of our magnificent worship space and supporting buildings. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the steering committee members if you have questions.

Here are examples of the areas to be repaired:

On behalf of the Steering Committee,
John Ford
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Steering Committee: The Rev. Canon Win Lewis, The Rev. Grant Stokes, Ray Gindroz (chair), Mollie McCune, Sigur Whitaker, Priscilla Roady, John Ford, Kevin Kwan, Bryant McGann.

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