We hope that you had a chance to see the update presentations on our Master Plan given by Ray Gindroz and Mary Kay from Hartman-Cox.

We now identified a series of Schematic design Packages in keeping with the Master Plan, and we are closely examining the requirements of each package and prioritizing items based on the critical nature of the needs as well as on the amount of money that has been pledged and has since come in so that we will commit to things that we have the money to complete.

During 2017 the first of these packages will be undertaken. This focuses on critical repairs to waterproof the buildings. We have undertaken a detailed investigation of the roof, drainage system and the stone walls of the Church and the Parish House. As you are now aware, the extent of the damage was more extensive than we had anticipated.

Over the last several months, E.T. Gresham has been preparing cost estimates for us on these repairs, and we expect that all of the infrastructural waterproofing repair estimates will be completed by mid-June. We expect that the first work to repair the building will begin in the late summer or early Fall of 2017, so you will see improvements to the building later this year. The next package to be undertaken involves the Organ Repair and Enhancement, which will begin in January 2018 with the removal of the organ, and while the organ is out of the building from January through December, work to renovate the sanctuary will be undertaken.

Other work will be scheduled out into 2019 and beyond. We will keep you up to date on the progress, and as the decision is made to match the monies received to the repairs and renovations that are planned, we will let you know when things will begin and what specific items will be involved. This is an exciting time for us, and we want to be good stewards of our beloved church and grounds to allow us to be here for generations to come.

John Ford, for the Steering Committee

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