Dear Christ & St. Luke’s Family,

It is with great joy and satisfaction that I share with you this news. The Vestry has concluded its process for selecting our next Priest in Charge (PIC). We have issued a formal call, and it has been accepted. With delight I tell you that we will have our new Priest in Charge with us by Easter!

Due to the nature of this process, we have had to exercise great discretion with information. We now must ask the same of you by requesting your patience in knowing specifically who we have selected. We are taking the greatest care to time our announcements with the needed time for transition and departure from our selected candidate’s current parish. Good endings make for good beginnings; we want to support our new PIC in a healthy departure which means we must be patient with identifying details for now.

I know you may have additional questions, so we’ve put together an FAQ to address some of those questions.

However, I can assure you that we are heartily pleased with this selection and believe you will be too. I must commend our Diocese for the invaluable support they provided us in our process, our selection committee and our full Vestry, staff, and clergy for all the time, energy, and discernment they have given to this work. We have an amazing community that has poured out their love to ensure this process was conducted smoothly and with the highest integrity.

So, know that very good things are on the horizon for all of us. We eagerly await when we can share more details with you next month that allow you to get acquainted with our new Priest in Charge.


Heidi Anderson
Senior Warden


How many candidates were there?
The Vestry received 8 candidates that had been vetted by our Diocese out of more than 3 dozen possibilities. We conducted formal interviews with 5 of these candidates. The Vestry selection committee was very pleased with the quality of candidates provided to us.
What was the process?
  1. The Diocese had conversations and interviews with numerous potential candidates as they prepared a slate for us. (August – October)
  2. During this time, we gathered input from staff, vestry, and other key stakeholders on what we were looking for in our next Priest In Charge (PIC). This data was aggregated and summarized into themes that created our standardized assessment tool. (August)
  3. A selection committee was formed to rate each candidate in the categories created from the input above. (September)
  4. We received a slate of candidates from the diocese in October. Each candidate on the slate submitted a letter of interest, a resume, and a ministry profile with detailed responses to significant questions. This profile served in many ways as a first interview for our selection committee. The committee also reviewed online sermons and digital presence for all 8 candidates. The full slate was rated by each member and the top 5 candidates were selected to continue to the next round.
  5. Five candidates were then invited to participate in a standardized virtual interview with the selection committee. Each candidate was rated on the categories created in step 2 and the scores averaged. The committee then discussed the output of the scoring and a consensus agreed upon for next steps. (October)
  6. Travel for in-person visits to candidate locations by the committee was the next step in the process as well as reference checks. (November)
  7. Once the committee felt strongly about a top candidate, the staff and full Vestry met with the candidate in Norfolk. The selection committee received very positive feedback from the clergy, staff, and vestry in support of moving forward with our top candidate. (Early December)
  8. At the December meeting, the Vestry affirmed the candidate as our choice for our next Priest in Charge. The Senior Warden then issued a formal call to our top candidate which they joyfully accepted.
  9. The Senior Warden and Executive Committee worked hand in hand with our transition officer and Diocese to prepare a formal letter of agreement and compensation package that we finalized this week. (mid January)
  10. We are currently working with our new PIC and their parish leadership to align communication timing to ensure a healthy and sensitive departure.
Who all has been a part of the process?
There have been several groups and individuals who have assisted in this process, including the Bishop and her staff, the Vestry, the staff, and even Fr. Win.
When will we know more, and why can't we know more now?

We believe that good endings make for good beginnings. We want to ensure that our new Priest in Charge is able to graciously wrap up responsibilities at their current parish, and we want to make sure that both parishes receive the news in a coordinated timeline.

We should be able to share specific details with you in late February. Please be patient as this timeline may need to be adjusted.

Where is this person from?

While we can’t answer specifics yet, our new Priest in Charge has served churches in several states over the past 10 years and brings a variety of experiences to the job.

How old is this person?

We received candidates in a range of ages from mid 30s to mid 50s. This candidate is on the younger end of the spectrum.

Is this person a male or female?
Again, as we wait to share specifics, for now we’ll hold off on providing details about our chosen candidate. We’ll share these details very soon.
Will they live in Norfolk?

Our new Priest in Charge is planning to live in the Hampton Roads area as many of our parishioners do. There are many details still to be decided, and house hunting will be part of our new PIC’s process. We respect their choice to live where it suits them best. We have a transition team engaged to assist in every aspect of our PIC’s arrival and housing needs.

Is there anything I can do to help make their transition here easier?

Yes! Two things come to mind. First, please pledge if you haven’t already. We are excited about our future as a parish, but we need everyone’s support to continue the good work we have been engaged in together.

Second, please continue to be patient and prayerful. Know that we all are moving with as much speed as possible, but transitions take time, and we must allow this process to unfold as God leads. Once our new PIC is with us, they will appreciate your support, and they will lean on the wisdom and loving hearts this community is known for. We are incredibly excited to welcome our new Priest in Charge and believe we have been called to one another to continue the good work God has given CSL to do.

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