Child-headed households are increasing in occurrence in Kenya. These households are the result of challenges such as severe poverty, domestic violence and parental deaths due to HIV/AIDS and substance abuse. Unfortunately the children suffer.

Together for Kenya in cooperation with our Kenyan partners are often able to respond with help for children caught in these households.

Meet Sharon and Kate!  Kate and I learned of these girls through a lead from staff of Compassion International. The two were spotted begging for food in the Kawaida neighborhood of Nairobi. With the help of neighbors we found the girls/sisters… but their story was shocking! Abandoned by an alcoholic/prostitute mother, unknown father, no source of food or other necessities and living in an at risk environment. 

Locally the community of police, the village chief and Nazareth Hospital went to work to determine a home for Sharon and Kate. Several weeks later they were admitted into a wonderful children’s home in Gararega Kenya. 

As a follow-up Kate and I have also visited the girl’s grandparents family in Gilgal Kenya as a possible stable future family environment.

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