Kate and Rudy in KenyaThe Gift of Love for Kenya project has a special place in our hearts. Kate and I have spent over 1000 days in Kenya over the past ten years. Our goal was to provide oversight and encouragement to our Kenyan co-workers in life changing ministries involving HIV/AIDS and issues of poverty. A need that has “touched” us personally has been the plight of the children of the poorest of the poor.

Our Kenyan home is at Nazareth Mission Hospital in Kiambu county. This agricultural area is beautiful and noted for tea, coffee and flower plantations. Casual laborers make up the majority of the work force with an average wage of $1.00 to $2.00 per day–hardly enough to feed your family.

We have celebrated the Christmas season in Kenya. Everyone looks forward to honoring Christ’s birth and welcoming Advent. Local traditions do not include twinkling lights or gifts, but the Joy of Christ’s coming is certainly present. That’s why the Gift of Love for Kenya project is so important to these at-risk families.

December can be worrisome for children attending school since their new school year begins January first. Kenyan law dictates that every child should attend school yet the cost of tuition, uniforms, books, and supplies will prevent many from attending.

Several years ago Kate and I began to help a small number of children by providing them with the funds needed to continue their education. The children are selected and the financial accounting is monitored by the Administrator of Nazareth Hospital.

This Christmas season, Christ and St Luke’s has established the Gift of Love for Kenya project. Your gift of $60.00 will help these children to attend school and continue their education. Please let these precious ones know they are not forgotten–not by Christ or His people.

You can pick up an ornament and send in your check from November 26, 2017 through early 2018. Individual ornaments are available in the Tower area of the church. The child on this ornament represents one of hundreds of children who need your help this Christmas!

Kenya Gift of Love Ornament

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