Christ & St. Luke’s is committed to providing a safe and supportive space for body, mind, soul and spirit. 

While the recently identified Coronavirus has not yet been detected in Virginia, your vestry and clergy believe it prudent to take the normal precautions followed in previous flu outbreaks. Here is what we and our health care advisors recommend:

  1. If you are ill, please stay home and take care of yourself.
  2. We will continue to keep alcohol-based hand sanitizers in the pews and entrances to the church. Please sanitize your hands upon entering the church and after exchanging the Peace. 
  3. The common cup is normally safe for healthy persons, but during times of epidemics or certainly if you have been exposed to an illness, it is best to dip your bread into the cup. The Eucharistic Minister will lower the cup and tip it slightly toward you so you can dip the end of the wafer. 
  4. You may also avoid the cup, just receiving the bread or cross your arms and receive a blessing. 
  5. Eucharistic Ministers and priests are careful to sanitize their hands prior to handling the bread or administering Communion. 
  6. If you have any concerns about being contagious to others, please seek advice from your health care professional. 
  7. We will also keep masks on the welcome table in the Tower if you have any concerns or are immune compromised.

Thank you for following these simple practices. We are committed to work together to keep everyone safe and healthy.  

If you do have to stay home from church, please remember that you can go to to watch the latest sermons and classes.

If you are ill and forced to stay home, or are admitted to the hospital, please notify the church office: 757-389-7237 or gro.sekultsdnatsirhc@eciffo. We will be happy to pray for you.  Clergy are also readily available to visit you in the hospital for prayer and support. Our Congregational Care Committee can also arrange for meals, prayer shawls and flowers from the altar. 

Let’s work together to stay safe and healthy! 

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