Things are well on their way in terms of finalizing work that will preserve and improve the condition of the church building. We are going through the various steps to obtain approval from the department of Historic Resources, preparing contracts, working out the financing and other steps in order to be able to start this Fall.

The repair of the gutters and joints and the elimination of the water leakage areas is of great importance as has been laid out in Phase One of the Master Plan. This is very timely since just last weekend the rain created additional damage to the Selden Chapel altar rail and to the walls and flooring of the upstairs children’s bathroom.

The pictures below show some of the water damage. You can also see the areas of water damage along the walls in the church building. We expect that the work will begin this Fall. Getting the building watertight will protect it from any future damage and allow us to maintain our beautiful worship space for future generations.

Things are also moving forward with the organ, which is Phase Two of our Master Plan. The organ renovation company, Foley-Baker, Inc., is already in the process of designing the new organ chassis, ordering pipes and a new relay system.

The last two months of high humidity have created numerous problems with the organ mechanism. The renovations to the organ are coming at a very opportune time given the increasing strain that the current organ and its deteriorating components are being subjected to.

Below are pictures of new pipes which are already arriving at Foley-Baker and being stored for when the actual work begins in January 2018, when the organ is removed for renovation.

Please keep in mind that we have committed to doing only what we have the money to pay for. Your generous pledges help us plan the timeline and scope of work. We ask that you keep up with your pledge payments, and we also appreciate any advance pledge payments paid you can make.

If you have not made a pledge and would like to help with this vital renovation, please contact me or any of the steering committee members, or you may make a pledge online here. We are ready and willing to answer any questions that you may have. Things are really moving forward now, and it will be exciting to see the improvements as they unfold. I will be sharing pictures on a regular basis to keep you up to date.

On behalf of the Steering Committee,
John Ford
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Steering Committee: The Rev. Canon Win Lewis, The Rev. Grant Stokes, Ray Gindroz (chair), Mollie McCune, Sigur Whitaker, Priscilla Roady, John Ford, Kevin Kwan, Bryant McGann.

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