Daniel Toven


Christ & St. Luke’s has a new seminarian-in-residence! Daniel Toven began his seminary field education with us in September 2021 and will be with us throughout the academic year in this role. Daniel is a Postulant for Holy Orders (priesthood) in our Diocese, and currently is in his second year as a part-time student at Bexley-Seabury Seminary, based in Chicago, IL. Daniel is no stranger to Christ & St. Luke’s – he and his husband joined our parish in 2015 when they were posted to the Army School of Music as part of Daniel’s role as an active duty U.S. Army band officer. While Daniel is with us as seminarian-in-residence, we have the opportunity to grow with him together in faith and to help form him as a future priest for our Church. As part of his priestly formation, he will be be assisting with liturgy, preaching, teaching in the adult forum, working with children’s liturgy, pastoral care, and learning about church leadership and governance.

He will meet weekly with Fr. Jess for supervision and periodically with a lay committee consisting of Joan Atkinson and Rod Ingram, co-chairs, and Laura Buchholz, Raymond Harrington, Margaret Inge, and David Phillips.

As a student at Bexley Seabury, Daniel is the first person in our Diocese to enter priestly formation through a low-residency seminary program. These programs are a relatively new way of forming priests, and are designed specifically for postulants who for various reasons—work, family, etc.—are not able to leave their professions and attend seminary full time. Daniel continues to serve as an active duty Army officer, and is currently assigned as the Deputy Commander of The United States Army Band “Pershing’s Own” in Washington D.C., and the conductor of The U.S. Army Chorus. He will be traveling back to Norfolk on weekends to spend time with his husband as well as serve in his role here. His husband, Dr. Johnathan Taylor, D.N.P., continues to live in Norfolk, and works as a medical provider at a troop medical clinic on Ft. Eustis, and also serves as a medical officer in the U.S. Army Reserve. This summer, Daniel will become the Leader and Commander of the United States Military Academy Band at West Point.

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